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Matteo’s Gelato & Bistro

August 20, 2006 8:18 pm

I was introduced to this wonderful establishment by my friend Rob Tang. I would say Matteo’s Gelato & Bistro has the BEST Gelato in the GVRD. I wins hands down when compared to Mondo, Mario’s and LaCasa and the best part is that Matteo’s Gelato is the cheapest of the place listed. The extremely generous servings at Matteo’s Gelato equates their single scoop being equivalent to a medium/large at the other places.

My recommendation is to have your gelato served in a cone instead of a cup. You get that little extra each time and you get a wonderful waffle cone.

You can find Matteo’s Gelato at:

2615 Mary Hill Road
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 3B5
Tel: 604-464-2211
Click here for map & directions

Some pictures I took today:


3 Responses to “Matteo's Gelato & Bistro”

Jason Leung wrote a comment on August 21, 2006

Too bad its location is so poor. Isn’t that near all the commercial and industrial buildings near the old Momentum (on Kingsway Ave.)?

gary wrote a comment on August 21, 2006

Yup.. It’s right beside that lumber company and the Port Coquitlam court house.

nadia wrote a comment on August 23, 2006

how about the huge gelato place on north road? argh their name is escaping me.. its a really classy name.and it has two floors. I think their gelato is very good (but very expensive). i went to matteo’s once for an amazing race and although i had to woof down the cone in like 10 mins, i’m sure it tasted good
Love your photos in your gallery btw! i like your niece. so cute

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