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Serving Court Documents

December 21, 2006 10:51 am

I thought it would be easy to serve court documents via registered mail.   It is easy if the receiver cooperates but if they don’t they can refuse acceptance of the mail or just never pick up the mail from the mail depot.

I guess the only option now is to attempt to serve the documents via personal service.  Hopefully I can find a friend who is willing to take some time out of their day to service them.   I’m thinking Christmas day would be a good day.   If you want to be a volunteer please let me know.

Dragon Boys - Advanced Screening

December 19, 2006 12:59 am

I attended the advanced screening of Dragon Boys last Sunday. I wanted to watch this show since I saw the preview on the CAC website. I am glad I did. It is premiering this January 7 & 8 on CBC Television.

The cast features Bryon Mann, Eric Tsang, Tzi Ma and many other local Vancouver actors. The thing that wanted me to watch this show was that it was based in Vancouver about Chinese Canadians and challenges some of them may face (in relation to organized crime). When watching the previews I really thought the show would have had much more action in it but it didn’t. In a way I would classify this movie as a drama/action.

I think this show would make a good mini-series as the show just got interesting towards the end. A lot of the ending is left unresolved. Hopefully they extend the series.

The advanced screening ended with Q&A Session with Bryon Mann, Tzi Ma, Simon Wong and executive produced Ian Wier. They addressed some questions but I really wish I could have asked Tzi Ma something about what happens in the new season of 24.

Watch the trailer:

Swiss Chalet - Best Rotisserie Chicken

December 16, 2006 12:27 pm

Swiss Chalet

Looking for good Rotisserie chicken that falls off to bone?   Go no further than your local Swiss Chalet.  This restaurant will always have a place with me.   I remember going to this restaurant in Calgary when I was young.   Every time I visit Calgary nowadays my cousins and I have a routine to go there at least once.

In my books the only thing Swiss Chalet does well is Chicken.  So if you go to this restaurant please don’t order ribs, steak or anything else because it probably won’t taste good.   I would suggest the Classic Quarter Chicken, Classic Half Chicken, or Classic Double Leg.   The chicken meals will come with Swiss Chalet classic chicken sauce.  This sauce is a bit salty and strong by itself so I always add tons of Ketchup into the sauce/dip.  Everyone I recommend this to loves it.  Give it a try, I guaranty that you will like it as well.

This is a family restaurant, it’s not a trendy place so don’t expect too much in service and/or the environment.   If you want to try somewhere more upscale give Rex Rotisserie a try.

Boycott FujiFilm

11:50 am
Fuji S2 Pro

Got news from FujiFilm Canada that green lines going across a picture is normal. That it has happened with many of their S2 Camera’s. I’m not talking about a $200 Point and Shoot Camera but rather $3,000.00 Professional Camera (2002). They said they will not warranty the camera of this known sensor problem as too many camera’s have it. This is already the 2nd sensor in the camera as the first Camera had failed completely. You think with a known inherent problem they would cover the repair of this problem. They told me they can repair the problem for me at a cost of $1200.00 and I was blown out of my mind as a new camera with newer technology could be obtained for less than $1200.00. I thought they would at least offer to fix the problem at cost.

Oh well, the only solution is to ask everyone to boycott FujiFilm products. Go buy something more reliable. Go get yourself Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, anything other than Fuji. Too little too late.

Fuji S2 Pro - New Sensor?

December 11, 2006 12:20 am

It has happened again, the sensor on my Fuji S2 Pro Digital SLR, has problems again. This time it’s displaying green and blue verticle lines.   Time to call FujiFilm tomorrow to see if they will warranty the camera now that is out of Warranty.  This will be the 2nd sensor replacement as they have already replaced the sensor once before.    Really makes me lose faith in the Fuji brand.   It produces superb images but the camera’s are over priced and meant to only have a working life of 13 months than disposed of.