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Swiss Chalet - Best Rotisserie Chicken

December 16, 2006 12:27 pm

Swiss Chalet

Looking for good Rotisserie chicken that falls off to bone?   Go no further than your local Swiss Chalet.  This restaurant will always have a place with me.   I remember going to this restaurant in Calgary when I was young.   Every time I visit Calgary nowadays my cousins and I have a routine to go there at least once.

In my books the only thing Swiss Chalet does well is Chicken.  So if you go to this restaurant please don’t order ribs, steak or anything else because it probably won’t taste good.   I would suggest the Classic Quarter Chicken, Classic Half Chicken, or Classic Double Leg.   The chicken meals will come with Swiss Chalet classic chicken sauce.  This sauce is a bit salty and strong by itself so I always add tons of Ketchup into the sauce/dip.  Everyone I recommend this to loves it.  Give it a try, I guaranty that you will like it as well.

This is a family restaurant, it’s not a trendy place so don’t expect too much in service and/or the environment.   If you want to try somewhere more upscale give Rex Rotisserie a try.

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