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Samsung SCX-4216F Owners - Tech Menu

March 18, 2007 11:00 pm

I have been refilling the toner cartridge in both my printers for a long time.   Refills can be ordered on ebay for $8.00 a bottle (shipped) compared to buying a new OEM cartridge for $70-90.  That’s a huge saving.   For the SCX-4216F Multi-Function printer the new refill kits also come with a fuse which is used internally (in toner assembly) to reset the internal counter for the printer.   If the counter maxes out the printer will display TONER EMPTY message and it will not work.  It will not FAX, PRINT or SCAN.  It pretty much forces you to go out and buy a new toner cartridge.

Searching on Google on how to access the fuse I found a page that showed you how to reset the counter without replacing the fuse.   It was simple, access the TECH menu and select NEW CARTRIDGE.   Here are the instructions:

[menu] - [#] - 1934 - [menu]

Then select “NEW CARTRIDGE”

Restart Printer to get out of the TECH menu.

SCX 4216 F

Hope that helps all the SCX-4216 printer owners out there.

5 Responses to “Samsung SCX-4216F Owners - Tech Menu”

Kirk Wuo wrote a comment on March 26, 2007

Hey Gary,

Noticed that “$8.00 a bottle (shipped)”
is from eBay USA?
Shipping includinged only $8?


nadia wrote a comment on April 16, 2007

how bout for a normal HP printer? can i get ebay shipped ink for that? wlil it work?

Minh wrote a comment on August 1, 2008

It works brilliant. Thanks

yvon wrote a comment on November 5, 2009

the fuse is 63 ma value and just few pennies on electronic supply…but sometimes even new cartridge with fuse would require that procedure

ngxnamvn wrote a comment on April 22, 2010

Great, thanks

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