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Inconsiderate People Who Door Ding

May 23, 2007 8:32 pm

I hate all you inconsiderate a$$e$ who door ding other cars. If you don’t care about your car doesn’t mean the person who you are door dinging doesn’t care about theirs.    I got a huge door ding in my car on a panel that cannot be easily repaired.    This is after I parked my car at the end with tons of room on either side of the car.  May karma kick you in the ass you evil door dinger.   That is all.

2 Responses to “Inconsiderate People Who Door Ding”

Stargazer wrote a comment on May 23, 2007

Those people need a couple of good solid slaps to the face!

Trevor Chan wrote a comment on May 23, 2007

Perhaps Gary did you ever think that it might be your karma kicking you back in the ass?

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