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Need to Access your Computer

May 24, 2007 12:05 pm

Do you need to access your computer at work or at home?   This can be extremely difficult if you are behind a router / firewall that does not allow external connections or if you are behind a device that shares an internet connection.  My friend recommended that I use a software called Hamachi and I swear by it now.     It is a VPN application that adds your PC to self-created private (and protected) networks on the Hamachi Network.  As part of being on their network you get your on 5.x.x.x private IP address which you can access from any machine runing Hamachi as long as you are both in the same self-created private network.  There is an authentication processes required to join the private network.  

Once an connection is established you have a network tunnel going to the other machine so you can access all the ports like you were on the same network.   Whola you now have access to Windows File Sharing / Remote Desktop Connection / etc.   The best part is Hamachi will use conventional ports to build the tunnel, which means you have the possiblity to get out of most firewalls and routers.   

Give it a try.  You can download hamachi from


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