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Mail in Rebates (MIR)

August 31, 2007 2:36 pm


It’s been over six months and I am still waiting for my rebate cheque to come in the mail.

This isn’t the first MIR that took this long.  I’m finding that they take almost 8 months to be processed, does it really take that long?   I think it’s a big scam.  If you don’t follow up with them they would just say the cheque must have been lost in the mail, we never received your MIR.     I think maybe 50-60% of the people who buy with with MIR actually get their money back.

The MIR industry really needs a body overlooking their activities, they need to be audited on a constant basis to make sure they are honest.


Bubble Economy

August 18, 2007 9:54 am

No one argues that we are in a bubble economy right now. Just when the pin will burst the bubble.

I’m hoping soon. Signs of it was shown on Thursday. If the Bank of Canada and US Fed Reserve didn’t step in by putting in money and having lenders calm things down, we might still be on a downward trend.

How long can the Government keep on putting in money. Where does the money come from? Every time the BoC and US Feds put in money, they devalue their respective curriences.

Fun times to come, at least for people who are very liquid.