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Tojo - Inventor of the California and BC Roll?

November 24, 2007 2:13 pm

I was watching Chef at Large on Food Network a few nights ago and they aired an episode about Sushi.   They filmed the show in Vancouver at the restaurant Tojo’s.  To my surprise the show stated that Hidekazu Tojo is the inventor of the California roll and BC roll.  I decided to do a search on wikipedia to learn more.   Wikipedia states that the California roll is invented in LA by Ichiro Mashita in the early 1970s.  

Who is the real inventor of the California roll and who should get the credit for inventing the roll?

 To me it seems kind of odd that someone in Vancouver, British Columbia would invent a CALIFORNIA roll as they are in BC and not California unlike the other cheif based in California.  


New Home Construction

9:07 am

You think nowadays with so many homes going up that the builders and their sub-trades would have had enough experience to not make as many mistakes.    Forgetting a door bell / chime (wiring) seems to be a pretty big mistake don’t you think?

Do not fly Japan Airlines (JAL)

November 22, 2007 4:50 pm

I usually fly Cathay Pacific / Dragon Air when visiting Asia.  On my latest trip I decided to fly JAL to give it a try.   My conclusion after of 25 hrs of service is DO NO FLY JAL.  The seats are cramped, the fuselage has a high temperature, the food is sub-par, drink selection is limited and finally there are no snacks.    JAL is also ranked 40th out of airlines operating 747s when it comes to the age of the 747 fleet, averaging an age of 15.7 years.

On the other hand, the last time I flew Cathay Pacific it had a much more comfortable seating configuration, cooler cabin, much better food (including ice cream), lot more drinks and self-serve snack area.  What was JAL expecting you to do, when you are on a 12 hr flight with no options of getting a snack to eat in-between meals.

The wonders of antibiotics

4:42 pm

I just got back from my trip to Japan and Taiwan.   While on the trip I must have caught a cold / bug.   Was feeling really bad prior to coming back.   I started taking some antibiotics that the doctor prescribed me ahead of time, just in case I got a bug when I was traveling.   I’m feeling much better now and it’s been less than a week since taking the antibiotics

It makes me wonder what people did before the invention of Antibiotics?  Did people just die?  It’s often very difficult for the body to fight a bacterial infection, especially if it is in the chest (throat, lungs, etc.).

What would the world ever do without pharmaceutical drugs …