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2010 Vancouver Olympics

January 22, 2009 10:55 pm

I’m really skeptical about the benefits of having the Winter Olympics in Vancouver for 2010.    Canada have had already had two Olympics in the past (Calgary & Montreal).   What legacy will it leave the citizens of Vancouver when it leaves them millions of dollars in debt?

Vancouver Sun reports that the total spending of the olympics is going to be in the $6 billion range.  What can that do for the people of BC?

1.  Health Care

2.  Education

3.  Roads, Bridges & Infrastructures Projects that will actually help the economy of BC.

4.  Social Programs

What do you think about the 2010 Olympics?

One Response to “2010 Vancouver Olympics”

Chris wrote a comment on May 20, 2009

I hear what you are saying and you have a good point, but I am very glad that we have taken the iniative to step up to a world class level and host the Olympics. Vancouver is still very young and so we have yet to grow, but with this type of forward thinking we will go farther.

I think a majority of the money being spent currently is on roads, bridges and infrastructures and they will definitely improve the economy (except maybe for the shop owners on Cambie Street!)

Also, I have heard they will be addressing the issue of social programs such as what to do with the homeless.

There will be a lot of issues such as spending BC’ers will raise with the Government after the Olympics are finished..I believe there will be a greater majority of concern for them then and the Govt. will be forced to make changes accordingly. Untill then we have commited to the Olympics, so I think it is only fair to support them now.

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