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Dragon Boys - Advanced Screening

December 19, 2006 12:59 am

I attended the advanced screening of Dragon Boys last Sunday. I wanted to watch this show since I saw the preview on the CAC website. I am glad I did. It is premiering this January 7 & 8 on CBC Television.

The cast features Bryon Mann, Eric Tsang, Tzi Ma and many other local Vancouver actors. The thing that wanted me to watch this show was that it was based in Vancouver about Chinese Canadians and challenges some of them may face (in relation to organized crime). When watching the previews I really thought the show would have had much more action in it but it didn’t. In a way I would classify this movie as a drama/action.

I think this show would make a good mini-series as the show just got interesting towards the end. A lot of the ending is left unresolved. Hopefully they extend the series.

The advanced screening ended with Q&A Session with Bryon Mann, Tzi Ma, Simon Wong and executive produced Ian Wier. They addressed some questions but I really wish I could have asked Tzi Ma something about what happens in the new season of 24.

Watch the trailer: