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You Have Been Served

October 25, 2006 3:44 pm

I stopped by the Provincial Court - Small Claims Centre in downtown Vancouver yesterday and filed my Notice of Claim for my MVA on May 12th, 2006.  It was such a relief to get to this point.  I can finally get justice and peace now.   I would have to say the MVA has caused me a lot of stress, anger and hate towards the other parties as they have lied and scammed me out of money and the truth.  Hopefully that will be restored and compensated for. 

Hopefully the parties do not reply to the claim in time and I file for a default order.  Either way the truth will prevail.

Dishonest People

October 16, 2006 2:58 pm

It’s been five months since my motor vehicle accident with two very dishonest people and I still bothered by big time by the incident.

I was minding my own business obeying the traffic laws driving down E49th when some lady came out of the side street, where there is a pedestrian controlled traffic light, and hit me.   Immediately, after the accident the lady who hit me talked to the other lady she hit as a result of the initial collission. This 2nd lady is also chinese and they were very friendly with each other.   While the 1st lady went away for a second I asked the 2nd lady if she saw the color of the light.  She said NO.   I went back to the scene a few times with similar traffic patterns, lighting and weather conditions and there was no way she could have seen “my light” from her prespective.  To add further injust to the story, the lady who hit me had a “STOP” sign.  ICBC doesn’t seem to care about the truth only the witness statements which I believe to be corrupt.

It seems like time after time dishonest people get away with their actions.    This will happen no more.   This inncident will be going to court and justice will prevail.

Door Dings & Scratches

October 7, 2006 11:32 pm

Can people have some respect for other peoples property? If they do something wrong leave a note so I can find out who was responsible and have them pay for the damages? What is wrong with society today?

I just got my car out of the body shop after someone completely made up witnesses blaming me for the accident? How am I responsible for an accident when I’m travelling on a main road and someone runs a stop sign coming out for a side street. That baffles the hell out of me. Only one person had a stop sign and they ignored it.

Onto what happened… I just washed and waxed my car last week and it was still clean today. I was at Costco and my friend noticed hey you got some door dings. I was like WTF the car was completely repainted. Than upon closer inspection when I get home I noticed that is a large surface scratch on the front bumper as well. The angle and type of impact is typical of a shopping cart that scrapped the front or accidently rolled into it. People should fess up to this mistakes. I wish I can find out who’s responsible and have them take responsibilities.

I’m so pissed off.. argg….

Air Travel Post 9/11

August 14, 2006 4:24 pm

Air travel post 9/11 has really become a pain in the ass. I often have to take trips down to LA for work and each time I go to the airport it’s a very unpleasent. What ever happened to Innocent until proven Guilty? I feel like the new model of air travel is Guilty until proven innocent. The airport security treats with no respect at all. All the screening is resulting in having to be at the airport hours earlier. On one with my trips back from LAX I showed up at the airport three hours early and barely made it into the terminal in time to catch my plane back to Vancouver.

I think society is too paranoid about bad things that *MAY* happen. I was watching CNN early this morning and the entire one hour morning broadcast was about “Risk of Terrorism”. Of course it was another one of CNN brain washing tactics but the News anchor constantly tried to bend what people were saying into that EVERYONE was afraid. I do not think this helps with making people feel safe at all. If everyone is feeling afraid to leave home then the terrorists have won. Which is not the message we want to convey.
Well I think I might have to go down to LA next month. I’m worried if I will be allowed to bring my medications down to the US now. The restriction of what can be brought on to an airplane is even larger now.

With the way it’s going, I think one day you won’t be able to bring anything onto a plane. You will have to board the plane naked after getting a probe. When will this ever end?